About REC Philly

REC, ‘Resources for Every Creator’, is an ecosystem that exists to empower independent creators to build sustainable and scalable businesses. Part creative incubator, part creative agency, REC is a community, digital application and physical space designed and dedicated to providing creators with the tools, resources and education to fully cultivate their passions.

  • Monday – Saturday: 10am-10pm
  • Sunday: 11am-9pm

REC Members must be 18 years and older. Members who are 16 or 17 must sign-up with an adult over the age of 25.

For all updated policies at REC due to the pandemic, visit recphilly.com/covid

Members can bring Guests to REC when booking a Private Studio. 

Members can bring as many guests as the Private Room holds capacity

Guests must remain with their host member, using only the designated studio booked

Members are able to bring (1) Guest to use the Coworking space

Members can bring a +1 to REC Programming

REC has our own After Hours private entrance. Head North on 9th Street (from Market), and once Burlington Coat Factory ends – you’ll see REC’s Front Door. There will be an intercom system — ring that, show your REC Badge, and let them know you’re here for REC. Take the elevator to the 2nd floor & you’re all set.

No. While REC comes from a background in working mainly with musicians, with REC’s new space – we are now able to accommodate all types of creatives. Designers, Dancers, Videographers, Photographers, Podcastors, Talent Managers and more. Come see for yourself.

  • Via public Transportation: Septa: 8th St MFL line, 17 Bus, 33 bus (visit Septa.com for more information on your ride in to REC), Regional Rail line to Jefferson Station will drop you off inside the Fashion District!
  • Via Rideshare: Type in 901 Market St 
  • Via Car: Members are encouraged to find street parking; Members are also encouraged to use the 11th & Arch garage. Members can validate their parking by connecting with our Membership Success team.
  • Parking Validation: REC offers parking validation at the SP+ Parking 
    Garage at 11th and Arch (1100 Arch St, Philadelphia, PA 19107). Our Member Success Team and Studio Team are able to distribute one parking sticker per day per member. Guests may use a member’s parking sticker, but a member cannot receive multiple stickers for their guests.

The Membership

We have learned that the best experience for Members is to have REC understand what you want out of your membership & align on expectations before you sign up. We want to ensure you know how REC works and that REC is right for you.

Glad you asked. You can sign-up virtually at Apply and you can schedule a tour at recphilly.com/tour & sign-up in person.

REC is open for all creatives that are over the age of 16, who are ready to take the next step in their creative journey. Visit recphilly.com/apply to learn more about the membership.


Credits are the main difference. You get more credits for each membership level to use for private studio booking. 

Yes, all Members are charged annually and automatically with the card they put on file from when they first signed up.


No. You have to be a member to book the space. To learn more about membership go to recphilly.com/apply – for questions, contact Sly from the Talent team via email –  or phone – 215.709.5990

Unfortunately Members are unable to use REC as a business or mailing address, but we suggest looking into getting a PO Box at the USPS located on 13th St & Market St.

All memberships are for individuals only. We want to empower each individual as their own creative entrepreneur – ensuring they are receiving all of the benefits REC has to offer.

We recommend taking a tour of REC and speaking with a REC Staff Member before signing up — If you are 100% ready to sign up, make sure to submit and Application  and contact Sly from the Talent team via email – [email protected]

The Credit System

Our private studios rentals are operated by our credit system. These credits can be used to reserve studio time at a designated credit rate per hour for the respective room. Credits can be used (and additional Credits can be purchased) via REC’s new app.

Only 1 Member can book the space with their credits at a time.

Yes. Members can purchase “Credit Packs” for $40, which comes with 4 Credits.

Monthly credits do not carry over. Any credits that are purchased via Credit Packs will carry over.

The Equipment

See full equipment list here.

No. All equipment at REC can only be used at REC’s space. If you are interested in using equipment out of REC’s space, visit our equipment rental partners for discounts on equipment rentals.

It depends on the equipment. Most of the equipment comes complimentary with membership – but some pieces of equipment do cost additional credits.

Head over to REC’s Expressway Equipment Center to check-out equipment.

Members are eligible to use most equipment at REC. Some of REC’s equipment require certification to use (specifically Studio A). Certifications come from Training Sessions at REC.

REC Staff will always help Members get set up in the studios, however Members are expected to lead their sessions and use of equipment. If you need help operating the equipment, please visit our specialist page and choose a Specialist within the community to help carry out your session.

No storage is available at this time

Yes! Pull up on N 9th Street and enter through REC’s After Hours door to access the elevator. Members and guests are expected to check in with Member Success after loading in.

REC Retail

The REC Retail is open when the Fashion District is open.

Monday-Saturday: 10am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-6pm

REC Retail serves as a physical and eCommerce store marketplace for REC, its members and its community partners. This is your go to place for local coffee, clothing, art supplies, media equipment, books and more.

All members can apply to be consignors, but it is not guaranteed. Applicants are reviewed on a quarterly basis, with agreements lasting a minimum of 3 months.


While REC’s Retail is dedicated to selling products from Members, applications are open for non-members to submit for placement.

By submitting an application you are not guaranteed; For more information contact [email protected]

We do consider non-member applications, but we pride ourselves on having at least 80% of our products be from members

The REC Retail Consignment Application can be found in the benefits section of the REC webapp.

REC’s consignment program is a quarterly agreement between REC and the consignor to stock their merchandise in REC Retail. The consignor keeps 70% of the revenue for sales and is paid out on a quarterly basis.

Booking A Studio

Use REC’s App. Click “Book a Room”. Select your room, date/time, and you’re all set!

No, the studios do not come with an engineer or other specialist (photographer, videographer, etc). If you’d like to book a specialist, head to recphilly.com/specialists for a list of members who have shown competency in their craft. All payment is between you and the Specialist – REC is not involved in the payment of specialists.

Nope! Coworking is first come, first serve.

Nope. The Live Nation stage is not available to be booked during the day by members. Please visit recphilly.com/spacerental for more info


Yes – as long as scheduling permits.

Check the booking calendar in the REC App for studio availability.

There is currently no limit for your studio sessions. We recommend sessions be a minimum of 2 hours.

Private Rooms can be booked up to 6 weeks in advance. 



As long as REC is open, and there is not an Event being hosted in the space, Members can use the Workspace as much as they’d like. There is no limit, or credits, for using the Workspace.

The Workspace provides Wifi, Tables, Chairs, Lounge Furniture, Projector, Community Kitchen (Fridge, Microwave) — Free Redbull, Filtered Water, and Community Printer

The Workspace becomes unavailable when an event is happening in this space. If the event is happening after Mall hours (after 7pm), REC will convert the Retail Shop into a small Workspace for Members.

Event Space

Members can learn more about having an event by visiting www.recphilly.com/spacerental. Members can also submit Event ideas via this application. There are no guarantees for Members to host events in the main event space. Typically REC will accept 1-2 events submitted by Members each month. 

Yes, REC opens the main event space to be rented by Non-Members. Please refer to Space Rental page. There are no guarantees to host events in the main event space.

No. The Event Space is independently owned and operated by REC.

The REC App

Visit app.recphilly.com to access it on your phone or on your desktop.

Members need the App to create their Profile, Book Private Studios, RSVP for REC Events, and to connect with other Members. They can also access the Jobs & Opportunities Board, explore Partnership Perks, and access the educational curriculum & how-to materials REC offers.

Yep! Head over to app.recphilly.com

REC Programming

Yes! REC Programming is free for Members (and a +1 for selected events).

Open House is a monthly event that will include studios open for collaboration, sessions led by REC Specialists, demonstrations of equipment by the Studio Team, food and drinks, headshots, and more!

Yes, most events are open to non-members. 

REC Agency

Our community-driven creative agency provides businesses, brands, & thoughts leaders a unique approach to creative services by facilitating collaboration with local artists & community members. AKA – we get our members paid from local & national businesses looking for creative work.

Agency gigs can be found on the Job Board. Members can apply for all Jobs & Opportunities they feel they are eligible for. REC’s Agency & Membership team fitler through applications and will contact you directly if you are being considered for a gig.